When Teens REFUSE To Clean Room, They Find Mom Bagging Up Their Things. Then Mom Reveals Punishment.

Was your room spick and span as a youngster or were you a messy adolescent? Many parents face a fight when it comes to keeping things tidy, but one mother got so sick of the mess that she, let’s just say, got creative.

Alice Valasquez, a mother of teen girls, was facing this messy rooms issue. She told her girls over and over to clean their rooms but they just didn’t listen.

So fed up Alice took action. Her controversial remedy will make her daughters think twice before leaving things lying around in the future. One day while her kids were at school, Alice took control. She went into the girls’ bedrooms with trash bags and filled them with items that had been left out. She took some pictures and posted them online with this caption. Hit play to learn the entire story.

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