When Her Puppy Kept Escaping, She Set Up A Camera. The Footage Is Hilarious

Before they left her alone, the owners of Sophie, a brand new Maltese puppy, would put her in a kennel to keep track of her. And every time they returned, Sophie was out of her crate. The culprit? Meet Twitch, the family’s six-year-old German Shepherd. Twitch has figured out how to open the crate for his new puppy sister and gets right to it only minutes after the humans leave the house. Looks like these two have bonded in no time at all! It’s generally a good idea to limit where an unattended new puppy can wander off to until about a year of age. Of course, these areas need to be totally puppy-proofed. Many owners decide it’s simply easier to crate young pups until they can safely handle themselves alone.

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