What Your Headache Pain Is Trying To Tell You – And Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

Headache suffers know that headaches are no joke. They can sometimes be so debilitating that the pain interferes with daily activities of living, the ability to work, and just getting on with life in general!

Yet, the type of headache you have may be trying to tell you that there’s a deeper issue going on inside of your body. Which type of headache do you suffer from? Tension, sinus, cluster, and migraine headaches are the most common types, but they all point to different health issues.

Headaches are one of the most common conditions that are seen hospital emergency rooms. For the most part, they are not life-threatening.

However, thunderclap headaches, or the sudden onset of headaches when you’ve never experienced one before may actually be cause for concern. You’ll definitely want to make a visit to the doctor sooner rather than later if you experience these symptoms, or if you have a headache in combination with changes in vision, mood or digestion.

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