WATCH: This Kitty Loves Being Kissed So Much That He Started Doing This

Cats usually demand our attention with a few well-placed meows throughout the day when they’re not getting what they want. Usually, it has to do with food, but here’s one lovable feline who wants something more than that. Thankfully, his mommy can oblige him as much as he wants with this special treat.

Instead of a wonderful meal of cat food, this cat’s demands are for kisses. And when he doesn’t get them fast enough, he starts to complain. Talk about a spoiled brat! But his mommy seems to enjoy giving him the smooches he deserves, even if he is a little needy for attention. Thankfully, his demands are quiet and polite, and not the loud mewling many cat parents are used to!

Perhaps his mommy did well in training some manners into this sleep feline. Let’s hope he naps well afterwards, with all those smooches to keep his kitty nightmares away! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends too!

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