Watch Sassy Toddler’s Hilarious Reaction When Dad Picks Up Her Maracas And Starts Shaking

Oh, the joys of being a parent. Every stage is special and it is always exciting to celebrate all the new experiences of life with our toddlers. But there are also challenges, like when our kids learn new words … and one of those words is “no.”

Remember, attitude is everything in parenting. The dad in the video below decided to have a little fun with his little girl as she became more and more comfortable with this new word.

This dad decided he wanted to play his daughter’s new, favorite instrument — which was a set of maracas — in the family living room. However, his little girl had a different idea.

Repeatedly, the toddler went in to discipline her father by taking away her toys and giving him a stern, “No!” However, Dad was enjoying the rivalry a little more than his daughter and chose to continue playing despite his little girl’s wishes.

She got quite the workout as she ran back and forth from a room in the back of the home into the living room every time she heard the maracas rattle. He just kept on sneaking a shake, shake, snickering all the while.

No matter what, this little one stayed persistent in her hopes that her clearly-communicated “nos” would establish what her expectations were for him! She pointed her finger and set them aside.

It’s clear that she felt the responsibility to keep her daddy in line. She continually confronted his behavior until she finally had had enough and chose to take away the instruments.

Through it all though, she remained patient with her father’s bothersome actions. The banter between the two is sweet and loving.

Scenes like this cannot help but bring a smile to your face. However, we need to hope that the smiles continue when this little one is someday a teenager.

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