Walking In The Woods, We Found This Plane. Then The Door Swung Open To Reveal THIS!

As you know, the tiny home movement is sweeping America as people look for creative, affordable, and interesting ways to downsize their possessions and property. Over a year ago Campbell bought this Boeing 727-200 and transported it to a quiet location in the woods. Once he got it there, he transformed it into his home. But because he liked the idea of living in a plane, he kept the interior intact including the cockpit. The bathroom might remind you of those you use when you’re a few miles up in the air. His living room is comfortable and spacious. Because the plane is very long and open, it provides the feeling of spaciousness. Instead of the carpeted floor in the plane, he put in transparent panels to see the inner workings of the machine. The cargo hold is used for storage and the wings have become his new deck. It’s easy to get in and out of his new home and he love it.

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