Vet Stands To Watch Marathon Runners, Man In Red Starts A Chain Reaction That Goes Viral


Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to people – like a simple shake of the hand. That’s exactly what happened during a San Jose Pat Tillman benefit run several years ago. Hundreds of runners approached a 95-year-old waving veteran named Joe Bell, who was cheering them along on the sidewalk outside of his home!

The men and women made it clear that they appreciated all of the things Bell had done for them, in addition to the support he was giving them during the grueling race! Bell told KRON News, They came and shook my hands and hugged me. I felt good! And I think they felt good!

The spread of cheer, love and respect between the runners and Bell is something that he described as refreshing. Watch as these grateful runners take a step off the track to show their heartwarming appreciation for this World War II veteran’s service in the heartwarming video below! But beware: you’ll definitely need a box of tissues!

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