Top 100 Largest US Cities – How Many Have You Been To??

Of all the nations in the world, the United States of America is considered by many to be the most powerful. As reported by Forbes, despite the recent decline in the US economy, it remains the world leader in several other areas. This nation is technologically advanced than any other in the world. Be it business, finance, higher education, or even movies, the United States surpasses everyone else. Even the military forces are so capable and well-equipped that almost no one could ever pose a challenge to this federal republic. The United States comprises of five major territories, a federal district, 50 states and 297 cities. Former British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli once said, “A great city, whose image dwells in the memory of man, is the type of some great idea. Rome represents conquest; Faith hovers over the towers of Jerusalem; and Athens embodies the pre-eminent quality of the antique world, Art.” The nation in question too has cities that are quite distinctive in their own right. Many large cities, such as New York, are known for being ahead of the others in every way possible, encompassing everything that relates to the hustle and bustle of a hectic life. As a contrast, there are also those that are more artistic, architecturally rich, and picturesque, proving to be ideal for those intending to learn more about the culture of this great nation. Whether it is Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego or Los Angeles, how many of the following top 100 largest US cities have you been to?

1. New York

2. Los Angeles

3. Chicago

4. Houston

5. Philadelphia

6. Phoenix

7. San Diego

8. San Antonio

9. Dallas

10. Detroit

11. San Jose

12. Indianapolis

13. Jacksonville

14. San Francisco

15. Columbus Ohio

16. Austin

17. Memphis,_Tennessee,_Tennessee

18. Baltimore

19. Charlotte

20. Fort Worth

21. Boston

22. Milwaukee

23. El Paso

24. Washington

25. Nashville

26. Seattle

27. Denver



28. Las Vegas

29. Portland

30.Oklahoma City

31. Tucson city,+2011?responseToken=05a8131c3e0f1cdedf03331db6b8ee5cc,+2011?responseToken=05a8131c3e0f1cdedf03331db6b8ee5cc

32. Albuquerque

33. Atlanta

34. Long Beach, California

35. Kansas City,_Missouri,_Missouri

36. Fresno, California,_California,_California

37. New Orleans, Louisiana

38. Cleveland, Ohio

39. Sacramento, California,_California,_California

40. Mesa, Arizona,_Arizona,_Arizona

41. Virginia Beach, Virginia

42. Omaha, Nebraska

43. Colorado Springs, Colorado

44. Oakland, California

45. Miami, FL

46. Tulsa, Oklahoma,_Oklahoma,_Oklahoma

47. Minneapolis, Minnesota

48. Honolulu, Hawaii,_Hawaii,_Hawaii

49. Arlington, Texas

50. Wichita, Kansas

51. St. Louis, Missouri

52. Raleigh, North Carolina,_North_Carolina,_North_Carolina

53. Santa Ana, California

54. Cincinnati, Ohio

55. Anaheim, California city

56. Tampa, Florida

57. Toledo, OH

58. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

59. Aurora, Colorado,_Colorado,_Colorado

60. Bakersfield, California,_California%29,_California%29

61. Riverside, California

62. Stockton, California,_California,_California

63. Corpus Christi, Texas

64. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

65. Buffalo, New York

66. St. Paul, Minnesota

67. Anchorage, Alaska

68. Newark, New Jersey,_New_Jersey,_New_Jersey

69. Plano, Texas

70. San Bernardino

71. Arlington Virginia

72. Boise Idaho

73. Montgomery Alabama

74. Huntington New york

75. Modesto, California,_California,_California

76. Durham North Carolina

77. Laredo, Texas,_Texas,_Texas

78. Reno Nevada

79. Chula Vista California,sublet,room,&propertyTypes=house,divided,condo,townhouse,medium,large,garden,&dupeGrouping=building,sublet,room,&propertyTypes=house,divided,condo,townhouse,medium,large,garden,&dupeGrouping=building

80. Rochester  New york

81. Akron Ohio

82. Garland Texas

83. Lubbock Texas

84. Orlando FL

85. Chesapeake Virginia

86. Baton rouge louisiana

87. Hialeah Florida

88. Madison, Wisconsin,_Wisconsin,_Wisconsin

89. North Hempstead New york

90. Scottsdale, Arizona

91. Henderson-Nevada

92. Birmingham-Albama

93. Chandler Arizona

94. Greensboro North Caroline

95. Jersey City New Jersey

96. Norfolk Virginia

97. Lincoln Nebraska,NE.jpg,NE.jpg

98. Glendale Arizona

99. St Petersburg Florida

100. Fort Wayne Indiana