Toddler Rides Trike Onto Dangerous Highway. Seconds Later, Traffic Cam Captures Unthinkable

The internet is filled with terrifying videos of dangerous situations caught on tape that will give you goosebumps. One recently released video of a toddler in serious danger was captured, but the scariest aspect of this video may be the reason why nobody stopped to help despite it being a — literally — well-trafficked area.

Traffic cameras captured a small toddler riding a toy bike in the opposite direction of traffic during rush hour. He slowly pumped his legs forward and scooted his feet as he called out for his mom who was not in sight.

Cars, motorcycles, and buses clearly saw him as they had to swerve to avoid hitting him, yet no drivers stopped to get this little boy out of danger. The incident occurred at 8:00 AM in Lishui, China.

Finally, all of the blaring car horns caught the attention of a traffic officer who went to see what was causing the commotion. A small child on a toy bike was probably not who he was expecting to see!

Wu Feng, a traffic cop, ran to the boy to rescue him. He picked up the boy, then the toy car, and brought him to the side of the street.

“The boy was dangerously close to traffic, so I picked him up and took him onto the pavement. He told me he had become separated from his mum and was looking for her,” officer Wu Feng explained.

Thankfully, the little boy was safely returned to his mother. It is unclear how or why they became separated.

To see the terrifying scene unfold, please watch the video below. Even though it seemed to take an alarmingly long time for somebody to step in, God was certainly protecting this boy!

Sadly, this is not the only video of children in danger where it seems to take a frustratingly long time for any adults to rescue them. For example, a five-year-old girl was left alone outside during a cold night, but she was not found until the next morning by a security guard. Thankfully officers and guards are on the lookout for cases like these!

Although situations like this are heartbreaking, as innocent children deserve to be protected and kept safe, the world in which we live is not perfect and often people assume that “somebody else” will help. Let this story serve as a reminder to never ignore taking action when a child is in need and to thank God for the grace He has shown these children, even in scary situations!

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