These Tiny Doors Are Hidden All Around This Town. The Reason Why They Were Built Surprised Me.

On the face of it, Ann Arbor would seem like any other American city in the state of Michigan. The usual hustle-bustle coupled with other commonplace sights would be the first things to greet you during a visit here. However, this city has something which is sure to woo your aesthetic sense, but for that to happen one must also be a keen observer.

Those tiny cynosures start popping up once you take a walk down those streets with your eagle-eye on.

1. Try looking out of that glass-door just like the dog does. Didn’t you find the fairy door?

2.Who’s behind The Fairy Doors?” that’s not a question but the book’s name that Jonathan B. Wright, creator of these doors, wrote.

3. He began creating these doors for his daughters around 1993, but brought it out in public a decade later.

4. Peaceable Kingdom door was the 2nd one that came up after he created one outside Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea.

5. He created another one at Sweetwaters but, this time on the inside.

6. He created one at Mott, a children’s Hospital

7. The one at Google’s office surely makes one giggle but smile at bit more.

8. The fairy door outside Selo/Shevel gallery definitely adds to its beauty.

9. The Red Shoe is particularly loved by kids where they drop pennies and toys for fairies.

10. Ann Arbor District Library has one that goes quite well with its ambience.

Credit: Urban Fairies