This Video Has Baffled Thousands Of People, It’s Easily One Of The Biggest Mysteries, Ever! FREAKY!


This is going to really freak you out because none of it will make sense and yet you would not be able to deny it. More than scary this video is absolutely crazy because it does not have a poltergeist per se but it has a ghost car that will flabbergast you.

This is a video from Russia that can quite easily be categorized as the most haunted video ever. Watch a ghost car intersecting a car from out of the blue; it is not something that you witness every day. No matter how much you run your mind over it you will not be able to understand how it happened.

We must warn you that you might have to watch this video over and over again to try and understand the course of events in this. Every time you will watch it, it will seem scarier than before.

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