This Mom Is Expecting Twins- But Then She Receives Even More Shocking News

Miranda and Josh were already the proud parents of Joslyn when they decided that they would like to have another baby. However, the couple had difficulties getting pregnant, so was in need of an In Vitro Fertilization procedure. Two embryos were implanted in Miranda, which had the couple thinking that at most they’d have two babies. But that wasn’t the case… In a rare occurrence, both embryos split, forming two sets of identical twins. The couple was shocked to say the least, but ecstatic to welcome four new members into their family. Twin girls Mia and Madison, and twin boys Jackson and James, were all born healthy at 34 weeks. Since their arrival two months ago, it has taken a lot of work to raise their five children (even 2-year-old Joslyn is still in diapers!). Luckily, Miranda and Josh are both professional nurses so they are use to organization and caring for others. Wow, what a very beautiful and BLESSED family!

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