This Man Was Given An Unsolvable Puzzle…What He Does Is Just UNBELIEVABLE!


Some people just get lucky. Like this contestant, Emil, on the game show, The Wheel of Fortune. With just two letters on the board revealed and with his time running out, the guy makes a random estimate while playing the bonus round.

Even he is not confident with his reply, but guess what? His answer is correct! He is proclaimed the lucky winner of the $45,000 bonus question and leaves the show with a whopping winning total of $63, 099! The surprised host looks on in disbelief as the audience wildly cheers for him!

Is this really happening? Emil just cannot believe his eyes or ears! Winning thousands of dollars at one go is an amazing feat and the feeling is yet to sink in. He is delirious with joy and cannot fathom how he got so lucky! Definitely a memorable moment in the history of the game show!

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