This Guy Uses A Drone To Create A Halloween Decoration To Scare The Entire Neighborhood

There’s a tiny part of me that thinks that this amazingly clever Halloween decoration might actually be a bad idea. You see, someone with a wonderful sense of Halloween spirit has taken a spooky ghost decoration and draped it over a remote controlled drone. Then, when he flies the drone around the neighborhood, it looks like there is an actual ghost flying around. The idea is positively genius and I only wish that I had thought of it first. But, it could have some drawbacks. For instance, I’m not sure what the laws on flying ghost drones are, but there are definitely very specific regulations on drones. There is the possibility that this brilliant invention is actually completely illegal. Also, while scaring people is fun, it does appear that this drone ghost could potentially scare someone who doesn’t actually enjoy being scared, which is unfortunate. As he flies it on the road, however, scaring a driver could have some terrible consequences.

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