This Baby Crow Jumped On His Knee, But The Man Never Expected Him To Do THIS Too!


This tiny guy is very interested in human beings, one of them in particular. And as you’ll see, he makes friends with him very quickly. The man that took the video had been walking around outside his home when a baby crow decided to follow him.

He even astonishes him by jumping up on his knee! But, it doesn’t end there! The man tries his best to make the little crow return to his parents, who are obviously not pleased with their baby’s new acquaintance, but the baby crow is having none of that!

He wants to hang out with the man just a little bit longer. Even after the man tried to fake him out by bringing him to the other side of the house and letting him hang out there to eat bugs. But no such luck! Eventually the baby bird did return to his flock, but not before making friends with this human that he took a liking to.

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