This 7-Year-Old Is Brave Than Anyone I Know. She Makes Some Pretty Tough Decisions!

Kids are supposed to be the happiest little creatures on this planet, and that happens almost all the time. In fact, a child will fight through any situation and still find a way to keep a smile on their face. Something as little as a small bite of something good can turn a kid’s sorrow into vibrant joy.

However, as much as kids are some little nice angles that they surely are, some circumstances can’t be controlled, and sometimes tough decisions have to be made. Take the case of Macey Collins, and you’ll understand just how strong a smart kid can be. This one inspires me!

During her pregnancy, Macey’s mom had an ultra-sound that disclosed that the kid had a clubfoot. When Macey was born, it didn’t take many years for the foot to stir up some trouble in her life. It soon become normal for her to go intosurgery rooms, but it’s the X-Ray scan that changed things. When her foot was scanned, it turned out that it was missing a crucial bone. She had either to keep having surgeries that could potentially aggravate the situation, or she could have the foot amputated.

You would think a 7-year-old would cry about it and swear to keep a bad foot, and then you would be surprised by this little one. She literally told them to “cutit off!!”

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