Think Dogs Don’t Understand What Love Is? Watch This Video And You’ll Change Your Mind!!

You can tell your dog loves you because of the way he greets you when you come home from work. That happy bark while running circles around you! They react that same way when you return from getting the mail! They love to cuddle with you and ‘help’ you finish your dinner! Dogs show other dogs love too, if you have more than one dog, you have seen they interact like family.

In this video, we see a poor dog on a very busy highway get hit by a car. Heartbreaking! Moments later, out of nowhere another dog appears and comes to the aid of the first dog! You would think that the second dog would just grab the first one by the neck with his jaws to pull him to safety, but he doesn’t!

You saw that he wrapped his front paws around his injured friend! Dogs know what it is like to love and to be loved.

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