These Dogs Are All Bark And No Bite. The Way They Fight Will Have You In Splits Within Seconds!

It appears as though their hearts just aren’t into actually fighting one another.

This silly duo of doggies have chosen to stand, one on either side of a small sliver of gate as they snarl loudly at each other instead of just taking one step to the side and actually tearing each other up.

In this hilarious clip- appropriately named, ‘You’re lucky there’s a fence here or I would tear you apart’ – two dogs see each other through an open gate and then charge at each other, quite ferociously.

But, instead of actually duking it out they opt for a less painful fight and stand on either side of a small portion of fence barking very aggressively through the grille.

The footage isn’t that different from watching two drunks squaring up to each other in a bar shouting ‘hold me back’ so that they don’t actually have to fight.

Commenters have even compared the two dogs to people fighting over the internet.

LiveLeak user nellis51 added: ‘The best defense is a good offense, or a fence.’

I’m not sure if these two are exceptionally dumb or if they’re really quite brilliant! They sure do get their point across and nobody had to shed a single drop of blood to prove that point!

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