Teen Sits Down At A Waterlogged Piano For A Moment Of Peace In The Wake Of Terrible Flood

The flooding in and around Baton Rouge, LA, earlier this month have left so many families without inhabitable homes. The storms have claimed over a dozen lives so far, and even more lives from pets and wildlife.

In times like this, it can be extremely difficult to find a reason to be happy or grateful, or to even find a moment of levity. Imagine losing all of your sentimental belongings along with your clothes, your shelter, and so many of the things you’ve spent your whole life accumulating, whether they were for necessity or for pleasure.

Mark Chasuk and his family were some of the folks who lost just about everything in the wake of this disaster, including all of their school supplies, right before the beginning of the school year. This is the view of the family’s neighborhood in Baton Rouge. Everyone on the street has had to clear out their home of waterlogged, ruined items. Just about everything, large and small, has to be put to the curb like trash. Everyone in the family has come together to help clear out their home in the aftermath.

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