Take Your Old Flip Flops And A Crochet Hook And Turn Them Into A Super Unique Item

This adorable project lets you take those comfy soles and turn them into another pair of cozy shoes. The fun crochet pattern on this design gives you a great way to save money on shoes and add personality to your wardrobe.

The crochet shoes are perfect for spring and summer weather and let your feet stay cool during the hot months.

One of the coolest parts of this pattern is there are a dozen different ways you can do this. From slip-on shoes to booties and crochet flip-flops, you can make them casual or dressy with a simple choice of yarn and design.

You’ll need to remove all of the straps from your flip-flops before you start this project( you can just snip them off). Hang on to the tabs that insert into the holes on the bottom of your flip-flops if you plan to wear these outside. Glue these back in place before you start crocheting.

Using a leather punch or an awl to poke holes about 1/4 inch apart all the way through the flip-flop. Make sure to stay a half inch or so away from the edge to keep the flip-flop from splitting.

You’ll need a size F hook for your initial base and go up to a size H when you after you create your base stitch. You can choose any yarn you like, though a stronger one for your base will require fewer repairs.

Starting at the heel, you’ll pull your yarn through a hole and create a loose knot. This counts as your first stitch. Take your needle through the hole, catch the yarn and single crochet. Do this all the way around the flip-flop. This creates your base for a shoe you want to crochet on the sole. The first video below gives you the details on how to finish this shoe.

Another method is to add rubber soles to a shoe you’ve already crocheted. Both approaches work equally well. It’s just a matter of whether you already have a pair of shoes you want to upgrade to outdoor shoes or whether you want to start from scratch.

Both methods offer many variations, from boots to elegant strap styles. Remember to choose a fairly thin sole (flip flop soles work great because they are easy to get your needle through). This will make your base stitch much easier to tackle.

If you want to add soles to shoes you already have, you’ll need to remove the straps from your sandals. You can either glue the tabs back in place on the bottoms of your shoes or fill the holes with silicone (found at the hardware store.)

Attach the sole by attaching your yarn to your needle, then sew through each stitch all the way around the shoe. If you do choose a sole that’s a bit thicker, you can use a hammer and nail to create holes in the bottom before you attach them.

Don’t toss those old flip-flops! Pull out the yarn and put your crochet skills to work. These sandals also make a great gift for friends and family.

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