Student Thanks Teacher On Air, Then Reveals A Sad Secret About His Childhood

Hector always appreciated his teacher, Thomas, who is also his football coach. Thomas mentioned to Hector one day that he had wanted a pair of Nike Jordan sneakers since he was 11 years old.

Months later, Hector surprised his teacher with the pair of sneakers. To many, the thought of a student surprising a teacher with such an expensive gift might seem odd. But Hector has an unbelievable amount of gratitude toward Thomas.

The teacher figured it was because they bonded at school and on the field. However, Hector brought Thomas onto the Steve Harvey Show to make a heartbreaking confession.

“You know I tell you all the time I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I don’t know if you ever knew, because I don’t tell many people,” Hector says. “I was in foster care for 11 years and a lot of people had given up on me, and I just wanted to thank you for never giving up on me.”

Thomas was taken aback. He had no idea Hector had a difficult childhood. The two teared up and hugged right on camera.

“I tell people all the time that I didn’t always want to be a football coach, but I always wanted to be a dad. I have three kids of my own and I treat all of my students like they are mine,” Thomas said.

Steve Harvey decided to reward the two fellows for their courage. Thomas received $5,000 to help his students and Hector received a $10,000 college scholarship.

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