Student Shakes In Office As Principal Hands Cop Her Phone. Then He Finds Out What’s Going On…


It is safe to say that in almost every instance, lying to a police officer in an attempt to trick him is a very bad idea. Normally, the outcome is much more serious than it was for one high school staff member and student who teamed up to trick the school’s police officer, but for the best reason possible!

Police officers often deal with situations serious in nature, but this trick was set up to show just how serious Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA is about their love and gratitude for Officer Mitch Brouillette.

“Officer Mitch” has always gone above and beyond his primary duties to protect the students and faculty at the high school. He’s an approachable person, ready to lend a listening ear to those who need it or offer an encouraging high five to brighten a student’s day.

It’s quite the juggling act to be both deeply respected as an officer in authority while also being a friendly figure who can laugh with you. Officer Mitch has shined in that role.

The school has been so grateful for Officer Mitch’s impact that they joined forces with DUDE.benice, a clothing company, which helped the school put together an amazing flash mob to the song “Downtown,” by Macklemore. It happens to be one of the officer’s favorite songs.

The students wanted to make sure Officer Mitch was in the right mind-set before walking into the surprise flash mob. They decided to trick him into coming into an office to watch a specific video first.

A member of the school’s resource center approached Officer Mitch and told him about a “situation” that needed immediate attention. She explained that a student was in trouble for inappropriate content of her uploaded online video.

The officer walked into the office to find the troubled student convincingly crying and upset, but once he started watching the video that got her “in trouble,” he realized that he had been tricked. To watch the incredible scene unfold, please see the video below.

Not only was the surprise video honoring the officer’s character and dedication to the school heartwarming, but his expression of surprise when the flash mob was revealed proves that this is a moment he will never forgot!

It’s inspiring to see police officers who put great effort, respect, and love into their work and even more inspiring to see young people recognize an officer for everything he has done. In a world where it’s easy to take much for granted, it’s always uplifting to see someone being recognized in such a special way!

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