Student Does This To A Kid After Punching A Female Teacher In Fist Fight. Shocking!

I struggled to stay awake as my senile teachers flipped through their brutally boring PowerPoint presentations. I don’t miss it in the least.

Your only chance of “excitement” was watching two kids wrestling each other in the hallway. The classic schoolyard fight was a way to stay sane after being trapped in the gloomy torture chamber that is school. It’s like something out of Lord of the Flies, or any classic high school movie for that matter.

While some students yell “Fight! Fight!” encouraging the brutal beating of their fellow pupils, it seems a bit ridiculous to me. If you’re that bored in class, just skip class and smoke a joint in the parking lot like the rest of us did..

If you want another reason not to fight, just think about the poor teachers. They get paid hardly enough to have to break up teenagers punching one another. One teacher’s experience was particularly bad, as her attempt to stop a brawl ended in her own knuckle sandwich.

Two boys couldn’t contain themselves in class, resulting in a full on fist fight, with the teacher caught in the crossfire.

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