Son Suddenly Becomes Violent Towards Mom, Now Doctors Blame ‘Exorcist Syndrome’

Natasha says it was like her son was “possessed by the devil.” Overnight, her 11-year-old son Cameron’s behavior changed so drastically, she described him as a “devil child.”

It all began when Cameron started to get nervous and anxious.He hit his mother, giving her a black eye, and demanded knives to hurt himself. Then his body began to contort and have spasms.

“He does things like throw himself down the stairs or put his hands on the grill and when I try to stop him, he’ll say things like ‘I hope you die in a fiery car crash and come back to the house in a coffin,’” Natasha said.

When the contortions began, Natasha finally took him to the emergency room. It was there that doctors discovered he was suffering from a severe strep throat infection. Cameron was diagnosed with pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections, or PANDAS.

The condition has another name: exorcist syndrome.

A simple sore throat turned into scarlet fever which escalated into PANDAS when it went untreated. When the body tries to fight off the infection it can destroy brain cells, which causes the erratic behavior.

“At first I was worried about taking him to the doctor because I thought they would lock him up for being psychotic,” Natasha said. “It may manifest itself like a mental illness but this is caused by his body fighting strep.”

Once doctors were able to determine the cause, they treated Cameron as best they could. Now he is 14, and you’ll see in the video below that he is much more under control with no abnormal behavior. Although he still has fits and is unable to attend school because of them, his family is now sharing their story to raise awareness and find better treatment.

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