Sleepy Bird Cuddles Up To Dad, But Listen To His Words Before He Falls Asleep! I Cracked Up!

But birds aren’t too far behind! They are really cute and they don’t seem to make a huge mess like other pets do. Another plus side to keeping birds like parrots and parakeets as your pet is the entertainment they provide, not to mention they are great conversationalists. Like this little bird in the video below, for example!

This adorable budgie is called Pedro. Every night before he goes to sleep, this little bird has a habit of doing something really hilarious. His owner sits at the computer and Pedro cuddles up to the human and relaxing on his stomach.

But this little budgie does more than just cuddle. He talks. Non-stop. He talks and talks and he owner says a few words, but really the bird seems to talk to himself. He does this for several minutes and you think he will never stop.

But then something happens. He seems to get tired and curls his head under his wing. He starts mumbling to himself and eventually goes to sleep! It is one of the cutest things I have seen all my life. But what a strange habit for a bird to have. Most birds only sleep if their environment is completely dark, but this one seems to prefer the light of a computer screen.

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