She Sits On The Floor To Start Drawing. But Watch What She Creates With Just A Marker…

When we are children, one of the first rules we learn in our homes is to never draw on the walls.

But if you have the colorful crayons and markers at your disposal as a child, chances are it took a few too many times for that lesson to actually sink in.

When you’re an adult, you can draw on the walls because you own them! Whether you’ve just moved into a place or you’ve lived there for years, decorating your walls is always a fun time.

If you’re not too keen on drawing on the walls, one way to decorate is creating wall art using an old shower curtain! But if you are itching to draw something, you can be inspired by this video!

Elsa Rhae is a talented artist and mastermind behind Elsa Rhae Creations. In an extremely viral video, Elsa creates a henna tree, using a Mehndi design.

The only supply she uses to create this incredible piece of art is a marker. She chose an acrylic paint marker for this project, as they’ve very easy to refill and use!

You can see in the video below that this wasn’t a project she finished in just one day. Over the course of the video, Elsa is seen in many different outfits as she finishes her masterpiece.