She Was Chained To A Tree For Two Years. When They Cut Her Free, WATCH!

This poor orangutan was taken from the depleted wild forests of Borneo, Indonesia and chained to a tree. All she had to sit on was a plank of wood, which was difficult to balance on; and the only shelter she had was an old jacket to sit under. Eventually, her owner called International Animal Rescue for help. When they arrived, they found Japik, shivering and cold; it was raining and the water had soaked right through the jacket.

The rescuers immediately cut the chains off of her, which probably felt like the biggest relief, considering they were tightly around her next for so long. They gave her medical checkups and she began to show positive signs of recovery. She is being cared for at their orangutan rescue and rehabilitation center in West Borneo while she recovers. Once she is fully healthy, they plan to release her back into the wild.

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