She Tightly Rolls Some Newspaper. When Camera Zooms Out?? Magic!

In Fuji city Shizuoka, there is a paper strip manufacturing plant that has a whole new life to it. The plant that was once operated by Chie Hitotsuyama’s Family is now an art studio.

Chie is an artist Born in Shizuoka, Japan. She attended the Department of Design at Tokyo Polytechnic University. Once graduated, she partnered with Tomiji Tamai to open the Hitotsumyama Studio were creativity is released.

Chie creates life-like animal sculptures by wetting and rolling strips of newspaper. She then uses these strips to create one of a kind, pieces of art. When you look at these realistic animal sculptures, you would never guess what they are made out of.

The shades and color of the news print add dimension and depth and the glossy eyes give an expression that brings the sculptures to life.

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