She Stumbled Upon A Miracle In Her Backyard. I Am Glad What They Caught On Camera!

When Rebecca Petty noticed a waist high nest in a small tree in her backyard, she decided to check it out. That’s when she discovered that a robin had built it.
“Every morning I would sneak out while the mother was gone looking for food and take a picture of the progress. Luckily, one afternoon I caught the first bird hatching and filmed it,” she wrote on YouTube.
During the special moment, she got to experience first hand the beautiful miracle of one baby bird hatching out of its egg. She filmed the eight minute video, as the baby bird fights its way out of the hard shell. First, it breaks a hole in the shell with its beak. Between periods of rest, the baby reveals its tiny unfeathered body.
Now the baby bird just has to wait until mom and dad arrive back to the nest with some food. For robins, the eggs usually hatch a day apart in the order they were laid. According to Petty, all the babies survived and flew away four weeks later.

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