She Rescued A Dog From The Unthinkable. But When She Brings Him Into Her Home

People really go above and beyond for animals in need. And there are sadly a lot of animals out there who are intensely in need of that level of care. Huey is one of those animals. He was a little pit bull who was clearly suffering from some intense trauma, though the source of that trauma may never be known to those who now love Huey so much.

The small dog was found in a rural area in Riverside County, California. One woman brought him into her home and made it her goal to show Huey a better side of life than the one that he had already been experiencing. Each night in his new home, Huey would cry and jerk about in his sleep, suffering from the nightmares of his past.

That woman worked hard to give Huey a good life, and to make his nightmares stop. Share away, people.

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