She Missed Her Dad During The Daddy-Daughter Cheer. Now See Who Jumps Over The Fence To Cheer Her Up


Children are keenly aware of their parents’ presence or absence at any moment, especially during special activities like a sporting event or competition. There are plenty of understandable and logical reasons for why parents may have to be elsewhere instead of cheering for their children from the sidelines.

While even young children may be able to understand their parents’ absences, that does not stop them from feeling sad or disappointed especially when it feels like every other child has their supportive parents right by their sides. For nine-year-old cheerleader Addie Rodriguez, her father’s absence during a football game stung until a stranger jumped out from the bleachers to do something that left everyone stunned.

Addie’s father, Abel Rodriguez, is a Senior Airman and has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Addie understands what an important and respectable job her father holds, but of course, the pride she feels for her father protecting our country is not always enough to stop the tears when she misses him.

It was a particularly difficult moment for Addie while she was cheering at a football game when all of the fathers of her fellow cheerleaders rushed to the sidelines to lift their daughters onto their shoulders. Addie looked up at everyone on their dads’ shoulders as tears welled up in her eyes.

Seeing all those fathers there supporting their daughters was a beautiful thing, but it just reminded poor Addie of just how far away her own father was. His absence became especially painful in a moment that should have been heartwarming.

One high school senior, Matthew Garcia, noticed that Addie was still on the ground and appeared upset so he jumped over the fence between the bleachers and the sidelines where Addie was to ask her what was wrong. He quickly understood why Addie was upset, so he lifted her up onto his shoulders so that she would not feel left out.

One commenter on this story said, “Matthew, you not only lifted her up, but your act lifted the world up, too!” What a beautiful way to describe how his kindness has touched those who have come across this inspiring story.

“She’s really tough and she understands that dad goes away for a reason,” her mom explained. But even as she nodded in agreement, Addie burst into tears. It’s clear that she misses her dad very much.

Addie was so grateful for this high school senior’s wonderful display of support during a tough moment that she said it felt like somebody was saving her life. Her mother expressed her surprise and gratitude, too, over Matthew’s quick thinking and selfless action.

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