She Died In A Kayaking Accident & Was Brought Back To Life. Now She Wants To Tell You About Heaven

We know that they are a gift from God, as maybe He is trying to teach us something. Occasionally, these stories we hear can also offer us insight as to what Heaven is like, the angels above, or what happens when it is our turn to meet God. For one woman, she is inspiring others by sharing her story of the day she died and went to Heaven.

Orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Mary Neal, went through a miraculous experience, came home from it, and was brave enough to share it with the rest of the world. Her story begins with her going on vacation in Chile with her husband. Dr. Mary Neal was kayaking on the Chilean waters when she was tragically pinned under a waterfall for 12 minutes, and eventually drowned. During this time, she claims to have left her body and gone to Heaven.

She shared the scary details of her story with Guideposts:

While I was drowning, I was comforted by God very physically and very completely. After I drowned, I was joyfully greeted by other spirits who knew me, who I had known for an eternity. They took me to Heaven.

Her story has been going viral, because of her miraculous encounter with God and the other spirits she came into contact with. Now, perfectly comfortable talking about her experience, Dr. Neal continued:

Many people can sense God’s presence without being hit on the head. But apparently, I’m more of a concrete person than that, because for me, even though I was raised in Sunday school, I was raised in a church, I think I had the typical experience of church being a Sunday thing. During the week you didn’t really think about God or think about God’s impact on your life.

Drowning was scary for Dr. Neal, as it would be for anybody. However, she felt perfectly collected when it happened. She reflected:

When I drowned, I was very comfortable and very comforted. I found that I knew I was going to have a problem as soon as I crested the waterfall and realized there was no outflow. I knew that I was going to have a problem, and the boat was pinned and then the water then completely covered me. I tried all of the usual things to free myself and free the boat, and none of them worked.

Looking back at her experience, she realized:

I didn’t ask to be saved. I didn’t ask for anything in particular, other than God’s will be done. And at that moment, I was overcome with the most physical sensation of being comforted and held, almost like you would comfort and rock a small baby.

As she was drowning, she thought about her husband and young children. However, she kept feeling reassured that her husband and children would be okay. She also received reassurance that she was going to be okay too–that everything was going to turn out just fine. At that moment, she felt the boat start to tip and the current overcome her. She lost her helmet and life jacket in the process, and the current slowly started taking Dr. Neal out of the boat. While trying to save herself, she also began to prepare for death.

What happened next was a peek into something many people have always wondered about. Dr. Neal continued sharing her story:

My spirit peeled off of my body, and then as I felt my body sink with the current, I was free. I was greeted by a group of the most joyous spirits. These were spirits that I couldn’t identify as, ‘oh gee, there’s my father, or my babysitter,’ because each of these spirits were more than just that one person.

Dr. Neal then began to describe everything else she started to see about her surroundings and the spirits. She said:

All colors in one, at the same time, and they [spirits] were so filled with love. And that’s true of everything having to do with heaven. Every angel I talked to, there’s this all encompassing sense of love and joy.

She then continued describing her experience once she met the spirits:

So they greeted me and we communicated although not in English, not with our mouths. It was a form of communication that made me truly understand how God can speak to people of different languages, and everyone understands them in their own language. And so we traveled down this path, and we didn’t walk with our feet. We just moved, and we just traveled. And we traveled into an area where there was a giant, giant field of sorts that again was beautiful.

Her experience continued for just a bit longer, when the spirits told her that she was to return back to earth. This is when they took her back to her body. They explained it wasn’t her time yet to be in Heaven. Upon reuniting with her body, Dr. Neal woke up in the ICU back on earth. She struggled at first because she found that she was still living in both the earthly world and the spiritual world. Although she was back recovering with her family, her spiritual journey wasn’t over yet.

Dr. Neal shares the exact details of everything she saw, heard, and felt in the video below. She also ended up writing a New York Time’s Bestselling book about everything she experienced on that particular day. The book is titled, To Heaven and Back: A Doctor’s Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again.

There is no doubt about it that Dr. Neal had an amazing spiritual journey after she had drowned in the Chilean waters that day. Thankfully, she was brave enough to share her experience with all of us. Not only is it inspiring, but she has reminded us all to take that leap of faith, and that is okay to do because God is always by our side.

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