Secret Recording Shows Car Dealership HUMILIATING Delivery Man. Internet REFUSES To Stand For It

Being a pizza delivery person is not known for being a glamorous job, but you will never believe how poorly one pizza delivery man was treated. The customers secretly filmed and then uploaded to the internet the video of themselves giving the pizza deliverer a hard time only for the internet to stand up for the pizza delivery man in a huge way!

Jarrid Tansey delivered pizza to F and R Auto Sales, a used car dealership, and that is when the harassment began. The bill came out to $42, and the staff gave him $50 in cash in the form of two $20 bills and two $5 bills.

Tansey assumed that the remaining $7 was his tip. As he left, nobody stopped him or brought up a desire for change to be received out of the money they gave him.

Therefore, when a staff member from the car dealership called the Pizza Palace where Tansey worked, Tansey was shocked to hear that the dealership called in with the complaint that they never received their $7 in change.

At this point, Tansey felt bullied and confused, but he calmly drove back to the car dealership to return the money that they requested. He walked in and handed a staff member what he originally thought was his tip.

Tansey asked why they included an extra $5 bill if they did not intend for it to be the tip. One man replied, “I gave you everything they gave me so we would get the correct change.”

Tansey started to walk out the door with absolutely no tip in hand when the real threats started to come his way. One worker said, “Close the door before I put my foot in your (expletive).”

Tansey never received a tip from the car dealership, but the internet went wild when the video footage was released and made sure both sides of this story got the justice they deserved. A GoFundMe page called, “Get Jarrid his tip money!” was set up, and people around the world have raised over $31,000 for the pizza delivery man stuck in such a strange setup meant to humiliate him.

Thankfully, the original video entitled “irate pizza driver” did not serve to embarrass Tansey, but instead more than made up for his missing tip. As the dealership has received many negative online reviews, the owner has apologized to Tansey.

It is heartwarming to see so many people around the world donating a $7 tip to a pizza delivery man they will probably never even meet.

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