Sad Shelter Puppy Is Reunited With The Firefighter That Rescued Her From Abuser!

Mike Thawley from Fire Station 14 in Sacramento, CA. recently found the poor puppy sick, and tied up outside in the rain. So, when Thawley was reunited with Chunkie she was absolutely thrilled to be with him once again.

Chunkie didn’t have anyone around to claim her. There wasn’t anyone to make sure that she was safe after being left all by herself outside in the bad weather.

Mike took the time to clean her up and he took her to Front Street Animal Shelter for some terribly-needed medical attention.

The caring staff began by treating her for mange, and she really loved being dressed up in her warm clothing which protected her skin.

Chunkie was very happy to be rescued from her neglectful owner, but the bond that she’d formed with Mike was so strong that she already missed him immediately after he dropped her off at the shelter and left.

However, the very next day, Mike came back to the shelter to visit with his grateful new friend. Their reunion is so heartwarming to watch.

Mike is now talking to his family about fostering Chunkie!

People following the story have crossed their fingers that Mike is approved to foster the little pup and he can be taking her home with him soon.

The video below is just one more piece of evidence that pit bulls don’t have to grow up being aggressive or violent.

What a sweetie little Chunkie is! I’m so glad that Mike is looking into fostering her. What a HERO he is! What do you think about Chunkie and Mike?

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