Rare Footage Surfaces Of Patsy Cline & Ernest Tubb Singing Beloved Christian Song

Patsy Cline’s career lasted less than two decades, but the impact she made on the music industry has continued for much longer. Since Cline’s life was cut short, video footage of any of her performances is considered to be a rare treasure.

Every now and then, a new clip surfaces of Cline performing, giving fans the chance to see her like they never have before. Such was the case when footage of Cline singing a Christian classic made an appearance online.

Joined by Ernest Tubb and country music duo Lonzo and Oscar, Cline sang the beloved tune, May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You. Originally published in 1950, the song has been recorded by a whole wealth of artists over time.

Appearing on the Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry show, Tubb, Cline, and Lonzo and Oscar gathered around a single mic. Tubb started singing first before he stepped aside to let Lonzo and Oscar take center stage.

Patsy came in next with her solo, her voice gliding through each note with ease. Her short little solo also gave her the chance to show off her range, as she hit and held one high note that was way up there.

All of the artists sang together at the end of the song, and that moment was beautiful.

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