Put Turmeric on Your Toothbrush and You’ll Never Use Teeth Whitening Strips Again

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We all want a set of pearly white teeth, so much so that Americans spend over a billion dollars a year on teeth whitening products. We can feel a sense of confidence with a bright white smile and the industry knows this making them profitable billionaires, but all of these over the counter teeth whitening products comes with a hefty price that may not be evident at first.

Years of drinking coffee, tea and fizzy drinks along with smoking are known to darken and discolour our teeth. These habits are primarily what make teeth whitening the single most requested cosmetic dental procedure. These peroxide-based gels in teeth whitening products bleach dark stains out of your teeth. Tooth whitening is a continuous process; your teeth may appear brighter after several treatments, but to maintain the whiteness, you’ll need to apply continuous applications.

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