Pumpkin Carving With An AK-47?? This Is GENIUS!

This year, it’s all about guns ‘n pumpkins. You won’t believe how this turns out!

For those of us without the traditional tiny carving kits, carving pumpkins with guns is the quickest way to make a jack-o-lantern on the fly! And while you might be thinking that shooting it up with a short-range handgun would be easiest, this guy does the unthinkable and carves up these gourds with ease!

This superior marksman takes to carving these halloween treats with both a Henry rifle, a Glock 23 pistol, and an AK-47. He turns this old-time tradition into a new pastime for every rifleman!

He’s a skilled marksman and has been handling weapons like this for many years. Please do not try anything like this at home. It is dangerous and you could harm yourself or others.

Check out these great videos below! And let us know what crazy pumpkin carving stories you have to share!

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