Poor Pup Needed Surgery. While She’s Asleep, Vet Shaves Off POUNDS Of Fur. CRAZY Transformation.

Prepare to meet Silky, a white-haired poodle mix, who arrived at the San Jose Care Center in desperate need of grooming. The pup’s hair was so severely matted that she couldn’t see, and the poor animal was so uncomfortable she could barely walk.

The pounds and pounds of fur covered Silky’s entire body, suggesting she had gone years without a proper grooming, or even a basic brushing. Upon examination, the veterinarian team found Silky to be otherwise healthy, and determined she could be placed for adoption once spayed and properly groomed.

While under anesthesia to be spayed, the vet team took the opportunity to give the poodle a desperately needed haircut. Watch as mounds of fur pile up, revealing a beautiful white pooch underneath her mop-like appearance.

After her extreme makeover, Silky was delighted to be able to move freely. The pup now happily greets everyone at the shelter with a wagging tail, ready for a cuddle.

Due to her breed, the family that adopts Silky will need to commit to keeping her regularly groomed. She waits at the San Jose Animal Care Center, which takes in over 17,000 animals each year.

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We are thankful for the pet owners who know when to say enough is enough, and transfer care to someone better equipped for the job. Do you have a favorite animal transformation story? Let us know!

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