Pole Vaulter Breaks Down In Tears On The Medal Stand When He Hears The Crowd’s Boos

At the Olympics, fans can get a little carried away when they’re excited. Everyone loves to show some pride in their country!

Usually, when this happens it comes in the form of excessive cheering, drinking a bit too heavily, and then celebrating all night long after their country or favorite athlete has successfully won a medal.

The most sought-after medal is obviously the gold, but when Brazil’s Thiago Braz da Silva won the gold for pole vaulting, the Brazilian fans celebrated in a fashion that has left many people with a bad taste in their mouth.

Rather than just cheering for Thiago and being proud of the fact that his medal was the third medal won for Brazil at that time, they took a nasty turn.

When French pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie took the medal stand to receive his silver medal, the Brazilian fans began to boo excessively. Renaud could not contain his emotions.

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