This Photo Of A Man And His 16-Year-Old Sheltie Has Gone Viral. The Reason Why Will GRAB You.

Someone posted a picture that they took of a man and his 16-year-old Sheltie at Discovery Green, a park in downtown Houston, Texas. Every day, he sees this man pushing a stroller through the park with his aging, blind pup. He lets him relax in the grass and brings a cup of water to give him. After the photo was posted on Facebook, it went viral.


Since it has gone viral, the couple who owns the dog has come forward to share their beautiful story! The Sheltie’s name is Max and he lives with his humans on the tenth floor of their apartment building. He is their best friend and they say he has taught them many life lessons.


Aside from his old age and bad vision, he also has arthritis, but those things don’t stop him from living a normal life. Which is why twice a day, his humans load him into the stroller and take him across the street to the park. Once he’s there, he perks up and you can tell it’s exactly where he wants to be.

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