People Kept Driving Past A Tiny Kitten In The Road, Until This Couple Stopped And Changed Her Life

The tiniest ginger-colored kitten was lying in the middle of a busy road in Turkey. Cars kept driving by, but no one stopped to save her.

That’s when Sercan Vatanturk immediately slammed on his brakes before his passenger quickly got out to grab the kitten in the middle of quick-moving traffic.


Once the kitten was safe in their car, she let out a little “meow” as if it were her way of thanking these Good Samaritans for saving her life.

The kitten was terrified after being stuck in the middle of the road, and she was covered in dirt. They tried to make her as comfortable as possible while they pet her to soothe her and calm her down.


They felt instantly connected to this adorable little kitty and aside from just rescuing her from horrible fate, they decided to take it one step further; they adopted her as their own! They took her home and made her part of the family. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

It’s unknown where the kitten came from or how she got stuck in the middle of the busy road, but the most important thing is that she is now safe, has a forever home, and will be loved for the rest of her life!


Watch the rescue in the video below:

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