Pastor And Wife See 2 Filthy Boys Sitting In Trash, Then Their Parents Say They Can Have Them

He suddenly found himself standing over two young boys. They were filthy, clad only in diapers, and sitting on a pile of trash.

As it turned out, the boys are brothers. One is 7 months old and the other is 2 years old. Their family was homeless and living in a tent in the woods.

Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal of Refuge Church heard about the children and realized they belonged to the same family who often ate at the church’s soup kitchen. “Our hearts were breaking as evening came, along with storm clouds,” Krystal writes. “We began imagining the night these boys were about to have as we were getting ready to go home to a warm, dry house.”

Despite the fact Ronnie and Krystal already have three kids, they knew they couldn’t let the homeless boys suffer outside. They convinced the parents to let them take the boys home with them for the night to provide them with baths and warm food. That night, Krystal realized just how bad it was; the boys were covered in bug bites, and the skin on their feet was literally falling off.

The following Sunday, Ronnie and Krystal were leaving church services when they were approached by the boys’ parents. They had a stunning question for Ronnie and Krystal, and the answer would change all of their lives forever.

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