Parents Are Freaking Out After A Teacher Wrote This Open Letter Resignation

Wendy Bradshaw is an early childhood education teacher with a Masters and Ph.D. in the field. A passionate advocate of learning, and a dedicated teacher, she recently resigned from her teaching position that she held for five years. She posted her resignation letter to Facebook, to share her reasons why she left teaching, and what she said has gone viral.

Wendy took her role as teacher very seriously, always putting the children’s needs first. But she began to notice something that troubled her. “I have become more and more disturbed by the misguided reforms taking place which are robbing my students of a developmentally appropriate education,” she wrote.

Instead of sparking children’s passion for learning, she noticed she was making them cry. Instead of sparking their imaginations, she was filling them with dread and frustration.

When she gave birth to her daughter in June, she had a wake-up call. She tendered her resignation after she saw that the ineffective standardized testing had made its way into pre-school.

Her letter sheds light on some of the systemic problems now facing the education system in the United States and the frustrations that both teachers and students are facing in the classroom.

Here’s what she wrote:




What do you think of Wendy’s letter? Do you share her concerns? It’s a shame that the school has lost such a thoughtful and compassionate teacher. I hope her letter helps mobilize more people to try and make positive changes for the future of the children and their education!

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