North Korea’s Army Training Video Looks Absolutely Savage. This Is Brutality At Its Best

The conflict in Syria is beginning to reach fever pitch, and Putin keeps eyeing the US Presidential election with the look of someone in a bar who’s had a few too many, and now is looking for any reason to start swingin’. It’s pretty crappy, then, that the biggest threat could come from further East.

Thanks to their small size, wild propaganda and slightly comical leader with a Napoleon complex, North Korea have become the country that nobody takes seriously when it comes to military prowess. A couple of Wile. E. Coyote-esque nuclear weapons tests plus a Katy Perry cover in the movie The Interview means that if the world powers were puppies, North Korea would be the runt of the litter, who keeps running into walls and is obsessed with his own tail. Maybe it’s time to change that perception: a video’s emerged that shows the North Korean army going through their drills, and only a little bit terrifying. They might not be as feeble as we first thought.

Feast your eyes on the resilience, power and bravery of the North Korean elite forces, as they spar with one another using kung fu, put themselves through significant pain for the good of the leader, and destroy a whole orphanage’s worth of building material in an attempt to show their strength. This particular video has a triumphant score, and each successful stunt is greeted by a hearty grunt by each of the North Korean soldiers who are definitely not actors of any kind. No way. My personal favourite scene is when one of the soldiers takes on an axe and wins, repelling the blade designed to chop down massive trees with only the repelling strength of his six pack.

Kim Jong Un has declined to comment on the strength of his elite forces, perhaps because he has no idea how impressive martial arts and feats of strength will match up against, say, a tank. Or maybe, he’s just sitting back and letting his army do the talking. Either way, I’m eerily curious as to how they’ll do in conflict.

Is this video another way for Kim Jong Un to show that he’s ready to take on the rest of the world? The video above might just be a part of his plan, after rumours circulated that he’s building an army of sexy spies to target Western greed and lust. No way that can go wrong.

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