The Nazi’s Hijacked The Swastika Symbol. It’s True Origins May Surprise You

To Many people’s surprise, the “Nazi” symbol was not an original design. The image was stolen from India. Though the symbol itself (or variations of it) can be found in all Ancient cultures around the world. The word “Swastika” came from the Sanskrit word “Suastika”. It means among many other things, some of which are, good luck, well being, peace, eternity and so forth. It is still widely used in India today. Specifically in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Check out this short but very informative video on the true origins of the Swastika:

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Wow, who knew this Symbol had so much hidden history. I was especially shocked to have seen it used on American flags and airplanes before the Nazi’s stole the symbol. I believe that if people can understand the true history behind the swastika then perhaps we can have another victory over the Nazi’s and reclaim the symbol as one of positivity.

Remember, A symbol is only as important as we make it. Don’t let the energy to reclaim this once powerful, beautiful symbol get lost in the world of the Nazi’s hateful version of it.