Nate Diaz Hits Out At Judges In An Expletive Rant After Losing An Epic Fight To Conor McGregor

Everyone is talking about Conor McGregor’s epic victory at UFC 202 against arch rival Nate Diaz. McGregor beat Diaz thanks to the judges’ decision, after going five rounds without a knock out. I can imagine there was lots of celebration in the McGregor camp. On the other hand, it was Sore Loser Central over at Diaz HQ. Not only was Diaz furious, he insisted he won the fight and called out the judges. Unhappy with the result, Diaz had strong words for the judges. He even called for a third fight with McGregor and insisted that he wouldn’t come back to UFC until this match happens. Keep reading on page two to see Diaz’ explosive reaction for yourself.

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