Mom thought her dirty, stained bakeware was hopeless, until she cleaned it with a dryer sheet


Spend too much time in the kitchen scrubbing away at those dirty pots and pans? No fear, a little bit of homegrown science will save the day. Our friends at NIFTY have compiled this simple video tutorial to make your metal kitchenware as clean and shiny with minimal effort, free of all that nasty leftover food crud and burnt pieces of God-knows-what. All you need is any ordinary everyday dryer sheet!


Pop in one of these bad boys. It’ll do all the hard work for you, I promise.


Pour a bowl of water all over the dryer sheet and pan, and then get excited. Really excited.


Bam. Squeeze a bunch of dish soap all over that mother. Imagine what you’re going to do with those extra hours of free time. You could paint, or work on your novel, go outside with your kids. Or watch Netflix.


Wipe it down. Don’t worry about actually cleaning off all the little grimy bits — you’re just spreading the soap all over the sides of the pan. Just make sure that you’ve rubbed a bit of soap into each little bit of food debris.


Time is money. So here: free money!


Remove the dryer sheet. Your sheet-y friend has done an honorable job in the line of duty. Take a sponge and wipe it all down — to your amazement, the food particles should simply wipe away with little resistence, after having been softened up by the dryer sheet.


There you go, good as new! Dryer sheet, NIFTY, we salute you.

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