Mom Thinks TV Show Ambush Is The Surprise, But Has No Clue Garth Brooks Has His Arm Around Her

Not only is Garth talented and charming, but he also has respect for moms everywhere — and moms everywhere love him right back. In honor of Mother’s Day, Garth recently teamed up with “Good Morning America” to give one special mom a private concert of a lifetime.

Karen Garrison, of Darlington, WI is such a huge Garth Brooks fan that she named one of her sons, Garth and named her daughter Brook. Brook nominated her mom for the GMA contest. Little did Karen know, she was in for the biggest surprise of all.

Watching Garth approach her from behind her house is truly priceless. Can you imagine your favorite musician putting his arms around you like that?! I’d pass out from the excitement!

Garth is no stranger to acts of kindness. While performing his hit song “The Dance,” he walked over and began singing to a woman with breast cancer. The entire audience was brought to tears by his beautiful performance. When the song was over, Brooks handed her his guitar, kissed her forehead, and held up her sign.

What an incredible human. I’m so happy that Karen’s dream came true.

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