Mom Sees Homeless Family Begging In Rain, Then She Looks Down At 3-Yr-Old’s Feet And Sees It…

Shannon Lyons was not prepared for what the day would hold. When a neighbor came knocking at her door, she never expected that she’d be getting involved in another family’s plight.

Her neighbor quickly told her that she’d spotted a family on the side of the road, homeless, trying to get enough money to find shelter and food. After talking to them and seeing their girls, age 3 and 11, the neighbor couldn’t bear to see them in that sad state anymore, and ran home to round up food, clothes, and reinforcements.

She chose to enlist the help of the right neighbor, too. Lyons was immediately struck by the family’s suffering and knew she had to do something about it.

“I was not prepared for what I was about to encounter and see. On the side of the road, in the rain and cold, was a family of four. The father Dave, has a rare disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth and is wheelchair bound. This disease is a nerve disorder effecting 1 in every 2500 people.”

When Dave Falk was diagnosed with a debilitating disease, he and his family knew they would have to make some major lifestyle changes. They saved up some money, but it was whittled away as they traveled from Michigan to Seattle, where they were hoping to get better, cheaper treatment for him.

The Falk’s receive a small sum monthly for disability, but the $1100 doesn’t do much to cover the needs of the family, and it does nothing to help with Dave’s treatments. For a time, the family was able to stay at an apartment, but soon they were out of money again and had nowhere to go.

Their oldest daughter, Jo, is an A student despite the difficulties she’s faced. She has to walk 45 minutes with her mom to get to school, where about a quarter of the children attending are also homeless.

The 3-year-old, Betty, didn’t have shoes as she sat shivering with her family in the rain. All of their belongings were piled into a shopping cart and draped off the back of Dave’s wheelchair.

Staying together is of crucial importance to this family, which is why they’re homeless together. Many of the shelters that will accept children will not accept men as well. There seems to be no room at the inn for this family of four. So Lyons acted.

First, she set them up for a few days in a hotel so that they could get out of the rain and get warm. Then, she created a GoFundMe page with a goal of $2,500 so that the Falk’s could get started in an apartment. Within a few days she exceeded her goal by $5,500, and now the total has gone up to $11,000!

The Falk’s are understandably overwhelmed with gratitude. “These people have been such a blessing. My daughters have relaxed a whole lot,” said a relieved Dave.

With the funds that they’ve received so far, we hope this persevering family is able to get back on their feet and get Dave’s care underway.

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