Mom KNOWS School Is Hiding Girl Being Abused. She Does The 1 Thing They Can’t Run From.

Bullying in schools sadly is a way of life, but thankfully not without action from concerned parents, teachers, family, and friends who are choosing to bring about change. We’ve seen others call attention to emotional bullying, often far more damaging to an individual than a physical attack itself.

But the general result is the same. Students who are bullied ultimately feel rejected by their community of peers and deeply saddened. If continued, this can lead to depression, loss of self-worth, and even suicide.

Natalie Lawrence of Hometown, Illinois, told CBS her 8-year-old daughter, Jasha, hasn’t been to school in a week. She was bullied at school and left with a bruise on her right temple.

The injuries sent her to the hospital with a head laceration and possible mild concussion. This is just one of eight occurrences that little Jasha has counted of being hit.

“My daughter is not a punching bag for these kids,” Natalie told CBS. Thank God for parents who are the first to speak up on behalf of their children, even when other adults won’t.

“They’ll say, ‘Oh your daughter fell or your daughter tripped. Oh, she bumped her head a little,’” Natalie said of the elementary school staff, in strong doubt of the given reasons for her daughter’s recurring bruises.

“The boy or whatever hit me, kneed me, and pushed me down the slide, and my friend,” Jasha said.

Jasha has a direct message for her bullies, to end the time it takes for school officials to take lunchtime bullying “under investigation.” “Just stop,” she says. Simple enough.

“Tell them how it makes people feel,” Natalie said. “Sad, and lonely,” Jasha responded.

The superintendent said he was aware of “an incident” on the playground. Though school representatives have scheduled a meeting with the Lawrence’s and police, the family has considered taking legal action, depending on the outcome of the discussion.

It’s important to consider the students who are bullying others. Are they being ignored, mistreated, and denigrated by their own caretakers?

If so, there is a generational line of bullying that needs to be treated within families, before bullying will cease. This is possible to heal and correct.

What do you think of the school’s response to Jasha’s injuries? It is definitely good to know these multiple occurrences are being looked into.

We hope school representatives, families like the Lawrence’s who are willing to speak up, and police can reach a solution to end bullying at school. If you agree that this issue needs to be quickly and fairly resolved, be sure to share this with friends and family!

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